by Jethro Dull

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released March 9, 2014



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Jethro Dull

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Track Name: ????
im not the son you wanted me to be
im so sorry
i fucking break everything
nothing seems to help
i cant feel any worse, but i prove myself wrong everyday
Track Name: 1000 More Reasons to Give Up on Everything
All my friends hate me, I guess I hate myself too
I survive off of cheap tea and late night cartoons
Cause mickeys a fuck up and I know I'm one too
I can't wake up let alone go to school
Can't sweep up this mess I've created
Got prescribed pills to keep myself sedated
and under control
So I don't hurt myself
More than I already have
I'm quite literally nothing
To anyone
What the fuck have I become
Track Name: Contemporary Jesus Christ
I've told you so much I am sorry
You won't accept my apology
I fuck up more than anybody

Can't drink my sorrows away
Nothing can heal my pain
So I make my own
I'm a guest in my father's home